Maharati Program Summer 2012 (Season 1)

Maharati Program Summer 2012 (Season 1)

We at ALQETAAF have realized that teenage students in this region does not utilize their time in a productive way, and due to this most of their time gets wasted in things which are not beneficial to them such as Watching TV, Electronic Games, Chatting over Mobile Applications, Internet or Social Networking Sites such as Black Berry Messenger, Twitter and Facebook and to address this gap. ALQETAAF has thought of designing and planning a program that will transform teenage student’s thoughts and insight of life, a program that combines both Technical and Soft Skills. 


In Maharati Summer 2012(season 1), Students was trained on Technical Skills such as Mobile Application, Graphic Designing, Web Designing and Video Editing, to raise their awareness on positive aspect of the of computer and technologies.


Also one of the Main courses in the program was the ‘Emirati Etiquette’ course. Emirati Etiquette course reflects the theme and the identity of United Arab Emirates.

In Emirati Etiquette’ course teenage students learned and practiced the standards and traditions of our Emirati Culture. This has taught them how to communicate, socialize, greet and interact with others in different occasions and scenarios.


 Students also had a great opportunity of meeting ‘Leaders’ from different fields,  Such as Dhahi Khalfan, Chief of the Dubai Police Force, and Major General Mohammed Al Marri the Director of Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department. Students listened to their success stories proudly and learned from their vast experience in life.


We believe that teenagers have lots of potentials and energy but they just need to be guided to the “RIGHT” path, which they can follow.


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